". . . I was able to restore my body to balance . . ."

As a young child, I had chronic ear infections and took a number of antibiotics. This, paired with some hidden food allergies, produced many digestive issues. As I grew up and I tried many ways to help ease symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), ulcers, and heartburn with the use of medications and other means helped ease my symptoms for awhile, but they never seemed to help the root cause of the digestive issues. Then about 7 years ago, when my second child was around two, I began having severe digestive issues, joint pain and fatigue, even after many hours of sleep. This led to a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I began to research the causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and found there were many different factors, including food allergies, that caused this syndrome. I made changes to what I was eating and began supplementation with the help of my chiropractor. Digging deeper, I also felt there was a mind/body/spirit connection and I began using EFT (emotional freedom technique) to help with stressors.  I was able to restore my body to balance and reverse the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome using traditional whole foods diet and EFT. As a lover of good food, I still wanted to eat some of my favorite dishes, so I began experimenting with healthy alternatives to give my loved foods a twist. I made the connection within and wanted to learn more about how health and food were linked so I began my study at the Nutritional Therapy Association and received my certification as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) in 2013. As I continued to educate myself on the root causes of health related issues and also the mind/body/spirit connection, I found the Certified Food and Spirit™program. I finished coursework in 2015 and became a Certified Food and Spirit practitioner. I work with clients to help them balance their bodies through good nutrition. as well as other lifestyle changes. I believe that we all have that innate intelligence to help ourselves, we just have to tap into the source. I'm available to teach private and public classes on traditional food preparation including fermentation, gluten/grain free baking and cooking classes, host pantry cleanout parties, shopping trips, provide meal plans and other individualized needs. 

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