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"I have taken several nutrition classes with Heather Page and found these sessions very informative.  Heather’s presentation on the digestion system shed some light for me about the digestive issues my husband was experiencing.  Heather has been working with him over the past month.  She provided a thorough evaluation prior to meeting with him face to face.  Once she met with him, she did a detailed assessment and informative interview. In one month, he is experiencing improved health and digestion.  Heather is well versed in functional assessment techniques and nutritional therapy.  In short, she’s an excellent nutritional therapist with a passion for good nutrition. I highly recommend her to you." 

-Terresa, Satisfied Customer



"I'm glad to have a mother that prepares healthy food everyday.  It tastes great and makes my body and spirit feel good."

-Mia, Teen Daughter



​​"For years I have suffered from diverticulosis with periodic flares of diverticulitis.  At times, hospitalization was the only course of resolution.  Through Ms. Page’s class I have learned the importance of organic foods, fermentation and healthy eating.  By applying the information learned in class I have been “flare free” for months.  Ms. Page presents nutritional information in a format easily understood and applied.   She has provided a practical application session for every class.  Her communication skills are thorough and reflect the knowledge base and practical experience from which she draws information.  Also, her pleasant and professional demeanor enhance the learning experience, making it thoroughly enjoyable.  I have practiced pharmacy for 24 years and witnessed the devastating effects of the traditional “American” diet on the human body by the predominant prescribing practices to deal with heart disease, diabetes and cancer.   Ms. Page provides a solid foundation for understanding the connection between what we consume and our health."

-Lisa, Pharmacist 



"Heather has taught me about the importance of healthy eating so that I am choosing to eat healthier fats and oils, fermented foods, whole grains and good proteins.  I feel better and more satisfied."  

-Larry, Proud Father




Heather is featured on FOX News preparing her Spicy Carrot Soup