Initial Consultation

My Services to You


Welcome and congratulations! You have taken the first steps at having a new lease on a healthier more decadent life. I can provide you with a wealth of services that will fit your unique needs. Even if you don't see your needed service below, just contact me and I will create a program or service to meet your beautiful, authentic self.




Let's get started! This service includes a Nutritional Questionnaire and Food Journal analysis, along with a 2-hour consultation and evaluation. Includes whole food nutritional information and education as well as a follow-up via email or by phone.

Everyone is at a different level and so this first step is for everyone. Schedule an appointment today! 

Let's get to the root of it! I will identify and clean out all the over-processed food items in your pantry. You will gently learn how to read product labels and replace those items with healthy nutrient dense foods. It also includes a copy of a book that I consider the foundation of healthy living.

Shopping/Market Tours

It can be overwhelming to make a great change alone. Throw on those sweats and let's make a grocery store run where I will spend 2-3 hours with you at your favorite local markets (and will introduce you to a few too) as you learn how to shop stores with your new knowledge  making healthy food choices. Members of your family are always welcome to join us.

Friends & Family Cookout

Let's face it, friends and family are who we eat with daily! Let's get your community together to learn some quick and easy recipes that you all can create together. It will be fun but also designed to have your community help you meet your healthy living goals! 

Dinner Party!

Gather your girlfriends, guy friends or make it a night of learning and creating foods that restore and invigorate the body. Bring on the music, laughter, and growth into healthier bodies!



Follow Up Appointments

Together we will review your information and have a complete consultation and evaluation which will include nutritional wellness & lifetyle education as well as a phone or email follow up. 


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*I am not a registered dietician or licensed medical doctor. I don't make medical diagnoses or treat specific diseases. I simply help you restore health and vitality naturally.