Homemade Apple Sauce

Apple season is here! We have been enjoying apples from local farms as well as varieties from other parts of the country. Such different tastes and textures to select from and a treat for all. And apples are loaded with vitamins A and C and the peels have a ton of fiber and pectin. Good for digestion! Whenever apple season hits, I love buying extra apples to make apple chips, apple butter and apple crumble and of course, apple sauce! This recipe is so simple and you can set it and forget it until it's ready. And when you leave the peels on the organic apples, it comes out thick and creamy. It can be served chunky or creamy with quick use of the stick blender. We serve with with pastured pork or turkey polish sausage, sauteed cabbage, carrots and sprouted rice. Enjoy!

Homemade Crockpot Applesauce

from the kitchen of Heather Page, Healthy Decadence

10 small organic apples, cored (about 6-8 cups)

2 T lemon juice

1/4 c water

1 t cinnamon

1. Cut up apple into large chunks. Can peel if not organic.

2. Place in crockpot and add lemon juice, water and cinnamon.

3. Cook on low for four hours.

4. Check for a soft consistency. Using a potato masher for a more rustic applesauce or place in blender for a creamier applesauce.

5. Serve warm or can be refrigerated for a week or two.

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