Detox Slaw

I don’t know if your summer was like mine but it was full of fun, moves, camps and lots of parties! I took a trip to Austin for a little self care time, kids were in a few camps, we moved to my dad’s farm (our house sold in just 12 hours!) and hosted barbecues. All in all it was a fantastic summer! Then we moved again, back to the area where my kids go to school. I love our new house and I painted the whole interior to reflect a tranquil mood. But the move was all but tranquil - it was smooth but a bit grueling in the heat and I had a timeline before the kids got into school. I wanted us to be settled a week before they started, so our normal eating got put on the backburner. We did our best to make good choices while eating out or getting take out, but sometimes it slid a little to say the least. As I got further away from my normal eating habits of vegetables, protein and good fats and a little fruit, I also noticed that my emotional health suffered. I wasn't as grounded, I wasn't meditating as often and I was much more easily stressed.

As we all know, it can sometimes take some time and motivation to get back to a healthy lifestyle. So as we slide into fall, I am craving one of my favorite go to salads - a detox salad! It combines a lot of root vegetables (two kinds of beets and peppery watermelon radish) and lemon that love and support your liver, plus cilantro which is known to help support detox. Combine that with some green apple which has pectin and malic acid and your gallbladder is quite happy. This combination promotes peristalsis - helps food move through the digestive tract. And this is something I like to feel as well as that good feeling of clean body/clean mind and spirit.

I eat this slaw two ways - on its own as a salad with some chopped kale or as a condiment or side. Either way, this flavorful bit of yumminess will get things moving and make your digestion jump for joy!

Detox Salad

from the kitchen of Heather Page, Healthy Decadence

1 cup golden beets, shredded

1 cup red beet, shredded

1 medium granny smith apple, shredded

1 cup watermelon radish or red radish, shredded

1/2 cup cilantro, chopped and packed

1 lemon, juiced

1. Mix all ingredients together.

2. Eat immediately or refrigerate. I find the flavors mesh together after a day or two and it's even more flavorful.

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